Thursday, 27 August 2015

Bedroom Love

Love the divine turquoise tones and the hint of orient in this setting.

Beacon Lighting Lamp BLOOM $224.10 : Linen House Quilt Cover Queen $199.95 : Interiors Online ETERNITY Side Table $919.00 : Porters Paints Paint Swatch BLACKHEATH

Insta accounts to follow...

For an interiors/design/all things beautiful hit I LOVE these guys on Instagram. Inspiration at it best.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

It's been a while..............(Bohemian Layering)

WOW! I hadn't actually realised how long it had been since I blogged. Feeling a little nervous actually!! I'm going to start way back in Summer. Remember Summer? When you could feel your toes and your frozen-berry-breakfast-shake didn't freeze your fingers in a permanent glass holding pose? I do. Vaguely. So here is what I was up to in Summer....I was immersed in it, obsessed. It was so perfect.
Free, Bohemian style was the flavour. I was addicted to the haphazard mood of layered pattern and summery, so relaxing, so carefree.
Throws, cushions, more throws, more cushions, floor rugs, feathers, beading, flowers, sunlight, lots of sunlight, vintage pieces, lamps, candles......beautiful. 
Amy xx

All images from Pinterest.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Online Reading!

The April issue of Lonny is out. Get into it!

And the fabulous Adore Home Mag is also to read! It's a great issue.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Vintage Stools

Vintage stools look great in a modern, bohemian, rustic country - really any style of interior. They inject a little interest into an area and are great re purposed for something other than your bum, as per the bedside example below.

Shine Lab Pendant Lights

I am loving these moroccan inspired pendant lights. They are from ShineLabs in the US, so really unsure about shipping and cable compatibility for Australian standards.

Beacon Lighting 'Trinidad' pendants are similar, but really don't have the same look do they? If anyone know where these can be sourced in Australia, give us a shout. Much appreciated!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Masculine V Feminine : Bathrooms

Which do you prefer? The dark masculine bathroom or the chic, feminine style?

My ultimate bathroom is the feminine, light bathroom. Dreamy.

Whats yours?

Vintage Furniture in the Bathroom

Love, love, love these. Find the perfect piece and engineer it to suit your selected tapware and sink. I think I prefer a vessel sink used here instead of an inset vanity sink as it makes much more of a feature.

Check out local vintage markets and antique traders to find your perfect piece.
Marble topped vintage buffet complete with matching vintage style tapware and vessel sink. Perfect colours and tones in the tiling and marble top for vintage appeal.
What I love most about this is the paintwork has been left in its distressed state and not sanded, oiled or painted over AND that the original attached mirror has been included in the bathroom project rather than removing it and installing a wall mounted mirror. This old dresser is perfect with a simple square inset vanity sink and elegant tapware. Love the fresh yellow colour.

Gorgeous vintage console engineered with modern, simple style tapware and vessel sink. Gorgeous. via

A gorgeous long line, cupboardless sideboard with turned legs allowing for an abundance of open storage space underneath. A simple white inset vanity sink and simple vintage tapware. Nothing elaborate, but a gorgeous result. via linenandlavender.blogspot. 
A vintage desk fitted with a full vanity top and brass tapware. Loving the wallpaper and matching mirror.  via
Simple vintage sideboard with turned gels with semi-inset sink and simple tapware complete the look. via
After a little scouting around I found this gorgeous vintage dresser and some tapware from the English Tapware Co and an above counter round vessel sink from Sydney Bathrooms Kitchens.

Or you can simply purchase a new, vintage inspired vanity. The below double vanity from Schots is a lovely reproduction.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Megan Hess : 'Fashion House' Book

The very talented artist, Megan Hess, creator of some of the most beautiful fashion and beauty drawings, has developed a book Fashion House. ".....a collection of beautifully illustrated interiors, complete with advice on how to achieve your desired decoration". 
Megan has drawn for some of the worlds largest, most respected fashion and beauty houses; Chanel, DIOR,  and fashion publications such as VOGUE and Harpers Bazaar.
You can get a little slice of Megan Hess beauty to hang in your home via her website, like the ones below.

Her new book can be purchased via the Book Depository. It's one for the collection!

Lonny Live!

Online magazine, Lonny, March 2013 issue is live. (And has been for a few weeks! I'm a little late here!!) But that is no reflection on the quality of content within their cyber pages. Filled with inspiring rooms and fresh product options - I was inspired! Click below to check it out.

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